Bushido Fluorocarbon Fishing LIne

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Bushido Fluorocarbon Specs

Line Rating  KG Diameter
6LB 3KG .203MM
8LB 4KG .234MM
10LB 5KG .245MM
12LB 6KG .286MM
16LB 8KG .330MM
20LB 9KG .369MM
25LB 11KG .405MM


Thinner Line Diameter
Designed to provide exceptional performance and durability with extreme diameter-to-strength ratios beyond industry standards.

Superior Breaking Strength
Bushido Fluorocarbon line is engineered to provide superior knot strength and breaking points exceeding industry standards.

Soft – Low Memory Line
Advanced design allows a softer line with low memory ideal for casting and working baits with a reduction in knotting and tangling.

Extreme Abrasion Resistance
Advances in materials and manufacturing allows this supple line to withstand abrasive conditions when fishing at a professional level.

Increased Sensitivity / Improved Angler Reaction
Formulated for low stretch, Bushido Fluorocarbon’s density transmits strike vibrations and enhances angler hook set reaction rates.

Low Visibility
Technology enhanced clear tint coloration offers a reduction in light refraction further reducing in-water visibility.


Bushido Fluorocarbon Fishing LIne-Fx Custom Rods
Bushido Fluorocarbon Fishing LIne-Fx Custom Rods