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We are proud to announce the new FX Custom Rods Xtreme Titanium Series (XTS). They are designed to appeal to anglers who demand the most advanced equipment on the market today. Having even the slightest edge in tournament bass fishing can often be the difference in cashing in or tucking tail. The performance of our FX Xtreme Titanium Series rods and the quality components we use to construct them are already turning angler’s heads. The FX Xtreme Titanium Series has set the bar for Quality, Precision and Performance.

The FX Xtreme Titanium Series is the “Flagship” of our lineup. The FX Xtreme Titanium Series is constructed of 46-ton Japanese Toray Fabric, titanium line guides with silicon nitride rings, low-profile reel seat and signature series Winn grips.

We limit excessive amounts of glue, exopy and other resonance dampening materials in the construction of the rods. This results in exceptional and superior sensitivity. The FX Xtreme Titanium Series is even lighter, more sensitive, and balanced than its XAS predecessor.

Rods of this quality and performance are often very expensive. However, we strive to deliver the best high-end rod at the most affordable price. The FX Xtreme Titanium Series has the most competitive price-point, for rods in its class, on the market.

FX Custom Rods does not purchase blanks from other companies and rebrand them like so many others. Our rods are the result of decades of rod building expertise and the design and construction is proprietary and exclusive to our brand.

These rods also carry a one year no hassle warranty even if it is your fault. See warranty details on warranty page.

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