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Warranty Information




We understand things happen that are out of your control.  Most other rod companies do not replace rods that were broken accidentally, and that’s where we are different.  Our replacement policy is fair to all.  We do not care how a rod breaks, whether it is a violent hook set, high stick, boat flop, or your brother-in-law stepping on it, we will not hassle you and we will replace it. 

Guides, Tips, Grips, Reel seat nuts are wear and tear items and are not covered by warranty but are offered as replacement parts here so don't file a claim for those as you can have them repaired in your area. Link is found below.

Replacement Parts (click here) 

The Life time warranty is only good for the original purchaser of a new rod only. Proof of purchase is required (no exceptions) Proof of purchase can be done in 3 ways,

1. You purchased online and we have the record for you.

2. You used the registration form online and stored the copy of the receipt.

3. You mail in proof of purchase.

*If you cannot provide any of the above methods than an additional $25.00 will be added to your claim.  



1. Cut the split out with the model number showing, (section between the rear grip and the butt of rod)

2. Cut off 6 inches below and above the break area.

3. Mail all the pieces, and proof of dated purchase in a padded envelope to the address listed below. If you purchased the rod from us online then we will have your proof of purchase. Also include in envelope the email address you used to file claim with online so we can look up your claim information. If you do not provide email you used then we will not be able to handle claim. (DO NOT MAIL IN REGULAR ENVELOPE AS MAIL SORTER WILL TEAR IT OPEN AND LOSE YOUR CLAIM)

4. Fill out the Warranty Claim Form at the bottom of this page.

Once we receive the envelope, we will process an invoice for your replacement cost according to the pricing below for the appropriate line of rods. We will email your invoice to you at the email address provided in your warranty claim form.

Once your replacement cost is paid, we will ship you a brand-new rod.

FX Custom Rods Warranty Dept.
313 Cloverdale Pl.
Flint, MI 48503 

Replacement Cost

All warranty claims payments are to be completed through invoice only!
Do not send Cash, Check or Money Order in with Warranty Pieces.

Xtreme Carbon Series

  •  $40 + $25 Shipping Cost - 1 Year Limited Warranty.


Xtreme Angler Series

  • $70 + $25 Shipping Cost - Lifetime Replacement Fee


Xtreme Trolling Series

  • $50.00 + $25 Shipping Cost - Lifetime Replacement Fee


Xtreme Titanium Series

  • $100 + $25   Shipping Cost - 1 Year Limited Warranty. 
Note if you cannot provide proof of purchase then an additional $25 will be applied to invoice.