Not the Only Way to Fish,

Just A Better One!


Why FX Custom Rods?

Occasionally a product hits the market that truly makes a difference. It makes a statement and sets the bar for others to follow. The FX Xtreme Angler Series fishing rods are quickly becoming a common name around the fishing industry. The owner and the dedication and commitment of the anglers backing the company are the driving force behind their ever-increasing popularity. The company prides itself with Quality, Precision and Performance. What that means for its customers is not only a super light, sensitive and strong rod but a brand you can trust, a brand you can relate to and a brand that values the needs of their customers. You will get the kind of Customer Service that you expect and deserve at FX. Fishing is our passion and designing the best rod for the best price is our goal. After all, we are anglers too.

The owner of FX Xtreme Angler Series fishing rods does not purchase bulk rod blanks and re-brand them like so many other’s do. The owner is the designer and engineer behind the FX brand and the rod blanks. Twenty years of hands on rod building experience and a commitment to understanding the science of blank composition and construction is putting FX in the upper ranks of Performance rod building. They’re in a class all its own. The blanks used in the construction of the FX rods are constructed under the direct guidance and exact specification of the owner. The rights to the design and construction techniques is proprietary and exclusively owned by FX. When you purchase an FX rod you are purchasing the most technologically advanced rod in its class.

Quality is an important consideration, Right? The rod blanks at FX are constructed of the finest 40-ton Japanese Toray Fabric available in the market today. This makes the blanks light, sensitive and very strong. The reel seats on the rods are 100% graphite and have a pass-through design that allows the fisherman’s finger to be in direct contact with the rod blank. This enables the fisherman to feel the most sensitive vibrations in the rod which in turn improves the number of hook-ups. The Fuji K-Frame Corrosion Control line guides are the best in the industry and are used exclusively on all FX rods. There are options for cork and the exclusive FX Signature Series Winn grip handles.  The assembly process is strictly governed to meet the Quality and Precise specifications defined by the owner. Customers can expect Xtremely consistent power and actions across the entire FX line-up.

What about Precision? How does it play into the core values of the FX brand? Each rods design is based on predefined power and action specifications. The FX Xtreme Angler Series rods have a wide range of technique specific power and action. This enables anglers to select a rod Precisely for the technique they need. The construction is a calculated and exact process. New laser cutting equipment will improve the construction process even further and ensure strict tolerances and Quality guidelines are met. The power of a blank is the weight required to deflect 16 inches. To distribute the load evenly across the entire blank requires Precise and calculated spacing of the line guides. This is a science and improves the Performance of the rod. The action of a blank is how much of the blank bends when pressure is put on the tip. Xtreme calculations and a lifetime of experience is the basis behind the available options regarding action. Each rod is constructed and tested to ensure that the entire line-up is Precisely what is was designed for.

Performance is achieved when Quality and Precision converge. The team at FX relies on sound engineering principles and a pain staking attention to detail when constructing the Xtreme Angler Series Rods. The result is a highly advanced rod system that works for the angler. The Fuji line guides are not randomly placed on the rod blank. The spacing for the line guides is calculated and critical to balancing the power of the blank for maximum Performance. Modern construction techniques ensure that each rod is constructed to the exact same specification for its given power and action rating. The quality components and materials used in the construction of the rods makes for a powerful combination. The FX Xtreme Angler Series Rods offer many power and action ratings. There are casting and spinning rod options for bass fishermen and an Inshore and Walleye series too. They are each designed to Precise design and construction specification. This means the customer can find an option that specifically meets their needs. The Power and Action is clearly identified on each rod.

Bob Croxton 
Owner Fx Custom Rods