Not the Only Way to Fish,

Just A Better One!

College, High School & Middle School Team Partnership Programs

Join Team FX!!!!


College, High School & Middle School Bass Fishing is the Greatest thing to come to this Sport since the SpinnerBait! Adults working in the industry can only dream of the chance to go back in time & be able to spend those formidable younger years learning how to bass fish the way today's youth have the opportunity too.
We understand that the divide between Anglers with the opportunity to afford the best equipment & those without that opportunity is no larger anywhere else in the industry than it is at the College, Middle & High School Levels!!!
* We want to support this New Phenomenon in the most productive way we can, so we have decided to offer Team Partnerships with any Interested & Established College, Middle & High School Teams or Clubs. We understand that the future of our sport lies right here in the hands of these fine young men & women, and we would like to Encourage them to Keep Fishing without the Worry of Affordability, while earning their Respect and Future Support!!!!
* College, Middle School & High School Team Coaches will be Our Main Point of Contact for Each Individual Team as well as Assign a Local FX Team Member to Support Your Team!!!