Gram Ratings by Power


 Grams ratings and what they mean and why we do them. Grams are the amount of weight needed to hang from the tip of the rod to deflect the rod 16 inches downward as pictured. We do this so you can fine tune your rod selection based on how soft or stiff the rod tips are and what you prefer. As you would expect from a custom rod builder, and is a better measure than the current ratings of Med, Med Heavy, Heavy ratings. Crank Bait rods are listed separate as they are built with a blend of fiberglass and graphite and will always have more flex than a solid graphite rod. So make sure you are not wanting a low power rod and select a cranking rod to go worm fishing as an example. 

The higher the gram ratings  the stiffer the rod is.

Graphite Rods by Gram Power

WSJ74MLF 167g SJ66MLF 172g
WTISH74MF 215g WMB66MF 215g
WMBSH74MF 218g MBSH74MF 218g
WTI72MXF 218g WMB72MXF 226g
WTISJ70MF 235g SJ63MF 243g
WTISJ66MF 245g
SJ66MF 246g WSJ66MF 246g
SJ70MF 252g WSJ70MF 252g
WSB69MXF 255g WMB77MHF 334g
SJ63MHF 345g WTI71MHF 357g
WSB69MHXF 360g WMB77MH+F 365g
SJ70MHF 368g WSJ70MHF 368g
WMB68MHF 371g WMB63MHF 380g
WMB73MHF 385g WSJ71MHMF 397g
WMB71MHF 399g WSJ74MHMF 408g
WMB610HF 416g WMB77HF 417g
WFP710H+MF 439g
WSWB710H+MF 439g WTI73HF 445g
WMB73HF 453g WMB74H+MF 481g
WFP710XHMF 487g WSWB710XHMF 487g
WMB77H+MF 494g


Crankbait Rods by Gram Power

TTR79MMF 183g
WCB71MMF 184g
WCB76MHMF 226g
WCB70MHMF 235g
WCB78HF 275g
WCB710XHMF 295g